The “Chair-A” from South Korean designers Sangeun Park, Minseo Kang, Junsang Park, and Do hoon Kim may look like your typical folding chair. But it serves more than just a seating option during your outdoor adventures or trips to the sea, concerts, and more. It also carries your things for you.

Suffice it to say that it serves a dual purpose. First, obviously, as a camping chair or stool that features a comfortable fabric seat with four sturdy and robust metal legs but without a backrest.  Second, when partly folded, its metallic frame doubles as a carrier for things that you’d rather not hold in your hands or have dangling precariously on your shoulders or from your bags. Say, a cooler, camping mat, blanket, and more.

The “Chair-A” essentially holds these things and other heavy objects for you as long as you strap them in securely to the metallic frame so they don’t slide off. So the fabric seat now serves as the carrier and a couple of the legs extend in front of you just under your arms to give you some kind of leverage to assist the carrier.

The designers came up with the idea for this camping chair from the traditional Korean carrying tool called “Jigae.” This tool is helpful in carrying heavy loads including firewood, pieces of furniture, and more. But this camping chair adapts an A-frame design to give it more stability and aesthetic appeal.

When you’re done using it, the “Chair-A” folds into a neat and compact design that does not take up a lot of space. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of its net weight and overall size.

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Chair-A Chair-A Chair-A Chair-A Chair-A Chair-A Chair-A

Images courtesy of Sangeun Park, Minseo Kang, Junsang Park, and Do hoon Kim