As smartphones become increasingly common their market value is constantly decreasing. At the same time, new models that are appearing in the market are becoming increasingly expensive. In such a scenario, upgrading your smartphone can turn out to be a stressful process.

In order to make the most of their money, smartphone users need to be very picky about what they do with their old devices.

While selling seems like a straightforward solution, selling a phone is not an easy task. From finding the right buyer to ensuring you get the maximum possible value of your phone, selling a smartphone involves many considerations.

These considerations, in some cases, may cause delays. With long delays in the sale of your smartphone, you can even expect the value of your device to further drop.

A simple solution to this problem is to sell your phone online. However, quickly getting rid of your old phone is not the only benefit of selling your phone online.

Here are a few more:

Assurance Of Data Protection

While it is always advised to wipe the memory of your device before handing it over to the buyer, some sellers may forget doing that. If that happens, the new owner of the phone will have access to your old data that might be sensitive and personal.

However, when you sell your phone to an online website like, you can rest assured that nobody will ever be able to access your personal data.

Such professional services conduct a thorough check of every device that they receive. In fact, they find that there is still some data stored within a device, it is professionally wiped before the phone is given to a new user or recycled.

Contactless Procedure

Thanks to the current pandemic, most of us are confined within are homes and are actively practicing social distancing. In such a scenario, finding the right buyer for your phone can turn out to be a health hazard.

Even when there isn’t a pandemic, going out to find and deal with a buyer is a time-consuming process and in today’s busy world, most of us are short on time to spare.

When you sell your phone online, you don’t have to deal with anyone and the whole process is virtually contactless. You simply describe the condition of your phone to a website, get a quote, and courier it to the company if you are satisfied with the quote.

Some companies even bear the logistic costs of picking up the phone from your location and having it delivered to their office/warehouse. In such cases, your package is delivered through a professional courier service like USPS or UPS.

Easy Payments

When you sell your phone online, you get an honest quote and never have to follow up for the payments. Most companies clearly state the estimated duration of the wholesale process. This includes the time it takes for the device to be delivered to their warehouse and the time it takes for them to assess the condition of the device.

Once this process is completed, the company releases your payment in the form of an e-cheque or a direct bank account transfer.

However, in case something unexpected happens, you can rest assured that these phone purchasing services have dedicated support teams that will help you with locating and securing your payment.

Selling Online Is Responsible!

Besides these benefits, selling your phone online provides special benefits to those that don’t have a functioning device. While selling a non-functioning device is next to impossible offline, online phone purchasing websites will still pay you for your device.

Such companies strip the defunct devices of the (trace amounts of) precious metals used in them and responsibly recycle the rest of the parts of the device.

This means, by selling your old defunct phone online, you can help the environment and make a pretty penny in the process.