Whoever believes “money can’t buy happiness” clearly does not know all the awesome stuff you can do with it. The wealthy get to enjoy the finer things in life and practically commission luxury items to suit their tastes. Flexjet boss Kenn Ricci shows everyone how to flaunt your riches with a Sikorsky S-76 and Gulfstream G650 for his “The Bacalar Project.”

With the help of Bentley’s Mulliner design team, they endow the helicopter and business jet with bespoke stylings to echo the owner’s luxury car. The vehicle in question is an exclusive example with a Julep green paint job. Moreover, it is one of 12 from the limited-edition production run which makes it even more special.

Ricci is an avid fan of Bentley for several years now and his love for the marque now is on full display here. The Bacalar Project showcases silver-green liveries and the juniper shade on the exterior of the two. Another element the coachbuilder borrows adorns the cabins of each respective ride.

The seats on the Gulfstream G650 and Sikorsky S-76 boast Linen and Beluga Leather upholstery. Intricate patterns from the contrasting stitching truly elevate the interiors. Moreover, the reclaimed river wood on the Bacalar also appears as matching veneers on both aircraft.

Diamond outline on the carpet and satin-bronze embellishments are likewise on board. The Bacalar Project proves that deep pockets certainly equate to opulent creativity. Anyone who steps inside will appreciate the craftsmanship on full display. Finally, If the chopper seems familiar, it’s the same one on full display at this year’s Monterey Car Week.

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Images courtesy of Bentley