The Baby by Based Upon is a remarkable example of merged arts: masterful craftsmanship, contemporary sculpture, and music come together to provide one truly amazing creation – a Goldfinch baby grand piano housed inside a work of art.

Based Upon is an artist studio in London where British art comes to life. One of their most iconic sculptures is called The Twist, and it is based on the ubiquitous repeating spiral design that nature makes excellent use of – you can see it far away in the shape of galaxies, or close to you in the patterns of sunflower florets.

Baby Goldfinch Piano by Based Upon

The Twist concept has evolved over nine years of play with shapes and it has been transposed into a variety of luxury items such as consoles and limited edition tables. For this particular project, a baby grand piano has been seamlessly integrated into the metal sculpture, providing synergetic stimuli for the senses: auditory, visual, and even tactile, as the piano was hand-finished and its surface enhanced with pleasant-to-the-touch resins.

A work of art such as this must obviously come with a price that reflects its unique character. At £475,000, this is obviously a very expensive piano, but an outstanding one as well.

Baby Goldfinch Piano Strings Baby Goldfinch Piano Keyboard