Looking for more reasons to bond with your family? Then get a copy of The Adventure Challenge Family Edition. Engage in some fun, exciting, and best of all, profitable adventure with your parents, grandparents, uncle, aunt, siblings, and more.

This book comes with 50 scratch-to-reveal challenges for the family to perform and complete. Everyone will be in for a surprise but there is no backing out after the challenge reveal. Once you scratched it off, then you have to do it. 

Since it’s a Family Edition, then participants will have to all agree on a category first and then scratch off their adventure. Every challenge has its duration, time of the day when it has to be performed, and the cost of the challenge, which can range between  $0-$50. But you can modify the amount to fit within your budget. 

Moreover, The Adventure Challenge Family Edition also has 14 helpful hints or clues for each challenge displayed in icons. A half-eaten cookie means you have to indulge in some snacks at some point during the challenge. A fork and spoon tell you to come with an empty stomach since the challenge will involve eating a full meal. 

Then challenges marked with an icon of waves and splatter means things will get wet and messy. There are also those that require night or daytime, and for an indoor or outdoor setting. Meanwhile, some need planning ahead and for players to step out of their house and go someplace else.

Suffice to say, The Adventure Challenge Family Edition is your book of fun and memorable family moments. Don’t forget to stick photos. As time passes, you will look at the pages and remember the fun you had with your family.

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Images courtesy of The Adventure Challenge