Nothing beats the classic be it movies, cars, fashion, and even the simplest of tools like the Tezoro Ice Cream Scoop. This kitchen essential brings back childhood memories of when we crave a pile-up of ice cream on a cone to keep cool.

This tool may look complicated but it is actually very easy to use. What makes it different from spoon scoops is you don’t have to roll and roll to get an ice cream ball. Instead, it takes a big volume in one dip so it lessens the time it takes to get big scoops. It gives you perfectly shaped cylinders which makes it ideal for cones.

The Tezoro Ice Cream Scoop features two prongs that help squeeze the ice cream tightly. Then a press of the spring-powered trigger engages the push-out plate to dispense. It’s an effortless method compared to spoon scoops. What you do first is press until the top of the cylinder is flush with the ice cream surface then you turn the scooper 90 degrees and pull up. The edge is reasonably sharp so extra caution is advised.

To make it durable, it comes in high-grade stainless steel construction. Its non-sticky surface makes it easy to clean with water afterward. You can just clean it under running water as you would any other kitchen utensil. It does not even take up much space in your cupboard or kitchen pantry at its size of 6.38 x 5.91 x 2.6 inches and feels good in the hands even with a weight of 5.6 ounces.

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Photo courtesy of Tezoro