Ever since science fiction introduced the idea of robots in service of humans, we’ve dreamt of a future wherein it’s a reality. So far, the latest developments in robotics and AI allow manufacturers to endow their creations with an almost human-like personality in a bid to promote advanced companionship systems. The Optimus Gen 2 showcases what upcoming models could bring to the table.

Whenever people discuss anything regarding the bleeding edge of technology, you can bet Elon Musk will have a hand in it. To maintain a substantial lead against rivals, the man appears to be constantly in action. So far, his ventures have always found success in one way or the other.

One of the projects he and his team are working on is robotics, particularly the Optimus Gen 2. The earliest version and the subsequent upgrade blew everyone away during their respective reveals. However, the most current iteration manages to give off uncanny valley vibes due to the accuracy of its movements.

Bi-pedal robots typically articulate in a certain way and can be described as janky in contrast to how a person moves. The Optimus Gen 2, on the other hand, is outfitted with actuators and sensors developed in-house by Tesla. Reports also confirm the addition of a 2-DoF neck which mimics the natural human motion when we turn our heads.

Other hardware tweaks include 11-DoF and touch-sensitive sensors integrated into the hands. These allow the robot to hold on to more delicate objects and materials without damage. Tesla points out that the Optimus Gen 2 walk speed is 30% faster when it walks courtesy of the weight reduction process. As thrilling as this seems, we just hope these machines do not rise against their creators.

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Images courtesy of Tesla