A fully-functional and reliable pocket knife always goes a long way when it comes to survival tools. The Terrain 365 Invictus Bali-Ti, for one, is portable and as such, it does wonders when it comes to more than just cutting or slicing.

This is a lightweight utility butterfly knife at 130g that uses titanium 6AL-4V for the billet handles and pocket clip. Similarly, it features a titanium spring latch and screws. Made to the precision of a “working balisong knife,” it takes its design cues from the Invictus folder. As such, it has a similarly-shaped drop point blade that’s slightly longer than the Invictus folder at 3.75″ vs. 3.0″ and a thickness of 1.55″. When closed, it only measures 4.125″ and 8.125″ when fully deployed.

The Terrain 365 Invictus Bali-Ti is indeed a portable folding knife and a sharp one at that. Its blade is crafted from the company’s proprietary Terravantium Dendritic Cobalt blade steel, which is a non-magnetic supper alloy that boasts great edge retention and is impervious to corrosion and rust.

This is one sleek pocket knife that works handsomely as it looks. The handles provide good grip when deployed and in use thanks to the textured surface. Likewise, having a drop-point blade makes it great for general-purpose use. It offers a bigger belly for slicing or cutting.

As such, the Terrain 365 Invictus Bali-Ti as makes great survival gear especially when hunting for food. It is also ideal for cutting or chopping wood or general utility work.  This knife is produced in small batches to ensure quality control.  

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Images courtesy of Terrain365