Teplo is a connected teapot that brews tea according to your emotional state. It steeps the tea leaves at the ideal temperature to adapt to your mood, whether you’re feeling stressed, happy, sleepy, sad, and more.

Japanese hardware engineer Kazunori Kawanobe and Indian software engineer Mayuresh Soni teamed up to bring this innovative product to life. It’s perfect for those who prefer to have tea instead of coffee as it automates the process for them. It takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect brewing condition for a specific type of tea.

Teplo’s patented brewing technology precisely adjusts the brewing time and temperature. All you need to do is select the tea type from Teplo’s smartphone app, then the machine automatically brews the tea using data from its database and personal information gathered from sensors. 

This teamaker has a fingerprint sensor that gathers essential data about you and your surroundings. The sensors detect your heart rate and body temperature, and environmental factors like the room temperature, humidity level, and sound level. Then through these parameters, it adjusts the optimal brewing temperature and time to give you a truly personalized cup of tea.

The process starts with adding cold water to Teplo’s removable and dishwasher safe glass kettle, insert the tea leaves into the rose gold infuser, select the tea type from the app, and place your finger on the sensor button. The machine will heat the water according to the ideal brewing temperature within minutes after which the infuser auto rotates and submerges the leaves into the water.

Once brewing is complete, the infuser again auto rotates to its original position to prevent over steeping . The Teplo is even compatible with voice commands using Siri, Google, or Alexa for a hands-free use. 

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Images courtesy of Teplo