Before his untimely death, Virgil Abloh had several projects underway. Aside from his company’s in-house designs, the late designer was working with others for co-branded products. One of those happens to be a collaboration between the fashion label and Teenage Engineering. This is the OB-4 Off-White edition – a portable high-fidelity loudspeaker that arrives in a luminescent orange colorway.

The Teenage Engineering x Off-White partnership goes beyond just the device. There’s also a capsule collection that includes jackets, hoodies, T-shirts, bags, and more. This brightly-colored OB-4 is based on the original model but sports an exclusive shade with some cool extras. Basically, most of its functionalities remain the same as with the standard version.

It’s outfitted with two neodymium tweeters and a pair of 4” bass drivers. Instead of going with a contemporary design, the OB-4 Off White edition touts a stylish old-school look. The labels and branding are in white to contrast the bright orange housing and components of the speaker.

Much like any modern audio device, it ships with Bluetooth connectivity in addition to the FM radio. Users who prefer hardware connections can do so with its line-in port. A unique feature on the OB-4 Off-White and regular variants is what Teenage Engineering calls Disk Mode.

This unlocks three functions: Ambient, Metronome, and Karma. The first lets you listen to snippets of radio broadcasts, the second helps musicians with their timing, and the last is a special ambient music player. The OB-4 Off-White includes the gyil music of Ghanian artist SK Kakraba. Teenage Engineering suggests you hurry up and grab one because this is a limited release.

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Images courtesy of Teenage Engineering