We know some folks would gladly pick a swift vessel over a massive one. Although a gargantuan size means more space to customize to an extravagant extent, some deep-pocketed buyers have a need for speed. To cater to what this crowd craves, Technohull unveils a high-performance 50-footer it dubs the Omega 48. Almost 20 years in the business and the group never ceases to impress.

The Greek shipbuilder imbues the sleek watercraft with its iconic Dynastream hull design. The ventilated steps and deep V outline allow it to slice through the water with ease. As long as everyone is behind the aerodynamic glass windshield and hardtop the elements won’t be a problem at all.

Next is the 15.5-foot beam at its widest point along with the spacious deck. No worries about bumping shoulders with anyone on board here. The Omega 48’s cockpit shows two rows of seats with vibration-negating properties. Vibrations from its powerful propulsion systems should pose no problem here.

Advanced control systems make it a pleasure to helm in open water or even in narrow channels. Since this is Technohull, buyers can expect top-notch responsiveness for thrilling marine escapades. Meanwhile, guests can also relax on sunbeds on the aft and at the bow. Additional seating with a table is great for al-fresco drinks and meals.

A garage at the stern can hold gear, diving equipment, water toys, and a modest dinghy. At the end of the day, the cabin below deck features a double bed and a bathroom with a shower. The Omega 48 can be outfitted with two 600-horsepower motors or as many as five 450-horsepower units.

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Images courtesy of Technohull