Most audio products – with the exception of headphones and earbuds – usually come in a few colors. Although there are some that ship in more chromatic varieties, these are rare releases. Celebrating 50 years of the SL-1200, Technics is going for a limited-edition version for their renowned turntable. Moreover, the SL-1200M7L packs all the best features enthusiasts want.

Given how the music industry has shifted the bulk of its operations to the digital distribution of singles and albums, you would think physical media is dead. Even our smartphones or smartwatches can now store our tunes or stream them directly. Nevertheless, audiophiles and industry pundits will tell you that vinyl records still deliver the best acoustic quality.

The SL-1200M7L comes in several hues: Black, Blue, Red, White, Green, Yellow, and Beige. Technics states these are “inspired by the street culture created by DJs.” Aside from the new shades, each unit ships with a high sensitivity golden tonearm and special badging to denote the model’s 50th anniversary.

Furthermore, the SL-1200M7L turntables come with a slipmat that features the Technics’s branding in gold, an exclusive sticker, and a control vinyl sticker that matches the colorway of the record player. Instead of a regular belt-drive configuration, it uses a new coreless direct-drive system. This promises powerful torque and smooth rotations.

Other notable changes on the SL-1200M7L are the LED stylus illuminator, high-rigidity cabinet, and high-damping insulator. Its chassis is die-cast aluminum with an ABS/glass-fiber mix for a dual-layer construction. Technics notes that this engineering approach allows the turntable to withstand external vibrations that would otherwise affect its performance.

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Images courtesy of Technics