Charlotte-based customizer Tattoo Moto’s goal is to transform gasoline-powered 2-wheelers into statement pieces, into “bikes that leave indelible impressions,” and their ‘Flash’ motorcycle totally reflects that ambition.

Based on a 1970 BSA 650 Lightning (BSA’s finest bike at that time, built to compete against the legendary Triumph Bonneville), the badass ‘Flash’ is a low-stance machine that’s both powerful and good looking. It sports a stretched swingarm, Ohlins Shocks, 1970 Triumph front end, a beautiful black leather seat by Nitroheads, Wassel pipes with brass tips, and a King Bee classic chopper headlight.

Unfortunately, this head-turner ain’t for sale, just like the rest of the gorgeous bikes coming from Tattoo Moto. They build them out of passion, not as a job.

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