You don’t have to be a professional cook or an expert in the kitchen to enjoy Taski’s Special Knife Set, which includes a Taski Chef’s Knife and a Taski Petty Knife. Both offer versatility and reliability, providing precision with every cut, chop, slice, peel, mince, and more. The addition of a Taski Rolling Sharpener to the set is a big plus as it lets you maintain the blade’s sharpness in the comfort of your home. In turn, saving you money from having to pay for outside service.

But what really attracted us to these knives is their craftsmanship. They are solidly built yet lightweight. The Petty Knife weighs 0.10kg and the Chef’s Knife 0.16kg. But they are not too light that they can easily slip out of your grasp. After all, these are high-quality and premium knives expertly and meticulously handcrafted by Japanese artisans in Seki City, in Japan’s Gifu Prefecture.

The city has been known for its bladesmithing since ancient times and this history is present in the high standards applied in the making of the knives. One of their outstanding features is the Damascus Steel blade. Using Damascus steel requires the tedious method of folding 33 layers of steel. But it’s this process that gives the blade its beautiful, marbled appearance.

Then there’s the laminated reinforced wood handle that perfectly complements the blade. The handle is octagonal to fit any hand size and ensure a secure grip even when wet. We have these tools that look like they came straight out of the Edo period. So, you’d understand when we were hesitant to put both the Chef’s Knife and the Petty Knife to use because they were too pretty to get dirty. We just wanted them as display pieces in the kitchen.



But they were both a breeze to handle. The 8.5-inch-long blade of the Chef’s Knife provides plenty of cutting room especially when you’re doing long and deep cuts on meat. The same goes for the Petty Knife with its 5.9-inch-long blade offering more coverage area. We didn’t have to do a lot of turns peeling a pineapple as you would when using a regular peeler.

We enjoyed our time testing out these two knives but also made sure to throw caution in the air as they came very sharp. On the other hand, the Rolling Sharpener with its magnetic holder provides precision sharpening for both the Chef’s Knife and the Petty Knife, or any small or large knife for that matter.

If you want to get your hands on the Taski Special Set then head on over to their website and get $100 OFF with the code: MENSGEAR2024. Taski also offers personalization when you buy a knife from them. You can have your name, or a message laser engraved on the knife to make it uniquely your own.