Dopp kits, toiletry holders, whatever you wanna call them, they all have a major fundamental flaw: they’re black holes that get your products mixed-up or, much too often, covered in soapy stuff from an exploded bottle (we’ve all been there). The Tashtego Roll-Up Travel Kit ($35) is different though; it keeps your grooming basics snugly organized & easily accessible, while looking masculine enough to be part of Steve McQueen‘s gear. Or Indiana Jones’s.

With a design inspired by the classic tool roll (how come we didn’t think about this before?), the kit offers 10 different sized pockets & a zippered compartment for smaller items. It’s constructed of handsome yet rugged waxed canvas that’s easy to clean, sewn at 11 stitches per inch for maximum strength, and features a reinforced grommet for hanging. The kit rolls out flat, so you can see what’s inside and avoid leaving anything behind, while a sturdy 7 oz. vegetable tan leather strap wraps it all up tight. Available in dark oak, olive, navy & charcoal. Made in Oakland, CA.

Tashtego Roll-Up Travel Kit 6

Tashtego Roll-Up Travel Kit 2

Tashtego Roll-Up Travel Kit 4

Tashtego Roll-Up Travel Kit 5

Tashtego Roll-Up Travel Kit 7

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