The Tap wearable keyboard and mouse redefines the meaning of typing. This nifty device lets you input digital data without the need for a physical keyboard and mouse. You can literally type on any surface even on your arm.

This innovative device uses a series of rings worn over the thumb and fingers that register your finger or hand movements. It uses a single-handed input and provides support for all keyboard mode inputs and mouse functions, including scroll, clicks, and move.

It is also compatible with multiple languages. Its ergonomic design reduces wrist injury and it is portable to take anywhere.

The Tap wearable keyboard and mouse is ideal for use by adults and children. It is especially helpful when you lack typing space during your commute. Its tactile design makes it compatible for use on any surface. You can use the armchair, your legs, or the couch.

It is perfect for use by teaching professionals, performers, and extremely well-suited to VR and other gaming consoles. You can use the rings as controllers in mobile and PC gaming and the Tap allows custom mode too according to your preference.

The device connects via Bluetooth and is compatible with most major operating systems including Android and iOS. It provides eight hours of tapping service and seven days in standby mode.

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Photos Courtesy of Tap