Outdoor enthusiasts, especially those who love to go camping, hiking, or hunting, will find the Tactica M.020 a very versatile tool to have around. It’s your all-in-one tool card that makes setting up camp a breeze so you’ll have more time for fun. 

This is an ultra-light camping tool designed to help you set up, pack down, and anything in between. It’s compact enough to store in your pocket for quick access or in your backpack. Its ergonomic design packs a removable firestarter, a rope cutter, a rope tensioner, a tent peg puller, and more.

The Tactica M.020 has a Ferrocerium rod firestarter that you strike against the serrated edge to send a shower of sparks over your kindling. The internal rope cutter can easily cut down paracord or trim a fishing line. This tool’s internal edge is sharp enough to saw through a cord while its serrated surface gives you the extra bite to get through thicker materials. 

Then just hook the M.020’s jaw around stubborn pegs for a comfortable grip and better leverage. Other handy tools integrated into the sleek design include a bottle opener, a scraper, a can opener, a flathead screwdriver, a sundial, and a metric + imperial ruler. 

The Tactica M.020 is built for the outdoors as such it’s constructed out of robust and durable 420C stainless steel, which is known for being hard and wear-resistant. It only weighs 35g and is a card tool so it can fit in your wallet at just 3.6 x 2.2 x 0.1″. It also has space for a key ring for on-the-go access. 

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Images courtesy of Tactica Gear