Flashlights have become a quintessential tool both for indoor and outdoor use. It provides illumination for when you need it the most. But in this modern age, you need something that provides more than just that. You need one that keeps you connected just like the Tactica F.100. This ingenious product doubles as a power bank so you don’t miss out on those important calls and messages. 

The market is saturated with portable torches that promise to give you your money’s worth. It can be a challenge to choose one that fits your needs. But those with an active lifestyle can definitely benefit from the Tactica F.100 because it is geared for the outdoors. Let’s get down to the basics then on what makes it the best everyday flashlight. 

Robust, Adventure-Ready Construction

Wherever your adventure takes you and no matter the weather conditions, you can rely on this handheld torch to be there for you. Its robust body packs added features to guarantee it can take nature’s brunt. For starters, it is IP-X6 waterproof, which means it can survive under a downpour or when splashed with water from all sides. Dirt, dust, and mud are no match as you can simply clean them off with water and not worry about destroying the inner components. 


Moreover, its aluminum body makes it lightweight and impact-resistant from drops up to one meter. Complement that with a Type-III hard-anodized finish for a corrosion-resistant surface and handsome look. It even has scratch-resistant mineral glass for its lens.

The Tactica F.100 packs other features that some of its kind may have neglected. These include a durable lanyard made with 550-paracord and a magnetic bead that prevent the flashlight from rolling. The lanyard also gives you the freedom to carry or use the flashlight any way you want: hang it from a tent, a belt, a bag, or any place for quick access.  

Likewise, it has a flat tail cap that stops it from tipping over when used vertically. Then there’s the mounting system that lets you stick the flashlight to the hood of the car, the fridge, or to workshop shelves thanks to powerful rare-earth neodymium magnets. Plus, an added handlebar mount easily converts it into a bike light. 

Powerful, Bright Light

Of course, let’s not forget the best part— the illumination. The Tactica F.100 packs a high-powered CREE XP-L V6 LED that emits a whopping 1000 lumens under Turbo mode for a good one and a half hours up to 180 meters. That’s more than enough to blind someone.


You can cycle through the light modes too. Under High gets you 500 lumens for three hours, 250 lumens for Mid for roughly six hours, and an amazing 42 hours of use under Low with 50 lumens. It even offers 1 lumen for moonlight mode that’ll last for 250 hours and has SOS strobe lights.

Emergency Battery Back-Up

The Tactica F.100 runs on a rechargeable 2600mAh battery that gets to 50 percent in 30 minutes with USB-C Power Delivery. It is equipped with a USB port under the tail cap, which also doubles as a power connector that delivers a 5V 1A supply to your tech gadgets. This means you can use the flashlight to charge your smartphones and other mobile devices. Another good thing is that the battery is removable so you can easily swap it for a fully charged spare. 

Perfect For Just About Anything

The Tactica F.100 is so versatile you can practically use it for just about anything. You can rely on it whether you’re camping, tailgating, swimming, on a hike, or working in the garage. It has a very well-thought-out design and features that adapt to the modern needs of men. At first glance, it may seem like any typical sleek, compact, and lightweight flashlight that operates with a tail switch. But as they say, looks can be very deceiving. The same goes for this ingenious tech that certainly deserves to be on your list of everyday carry items.