If you want a keychain knife that does not sacrifice functionality over size, then Tacray’s Titanium Knife definitely comes in handy. It’s a versatile utility tool that’s sharp enough for small cutting or slicing tasks or opening boxes with a retractable and replaceable blade.

This EDC comes in a durable and lightweight aerospace-grade titanium alloy construction for the knife handle. Meanwhile, the blade is 440C stainless steel, which is commonly used in kitchen and utility knives because of its strength, good corrosion and wear resistance, and is easy to maintain. 

Tacray’s Titanium Knife is easy to use with just one hand. A slide-lock mechanism using a thumb screw button controls the blade. Simply slide it up and down by pressing down to access or hide the blade. Once the blade is in the right position, tighten the screw to fix it in place for use. When not in use, simply slide the blade back into the titanium body and then twist the screw clockwise. This takes a bit of practice but becomes easy when you get the hang of things. 

Aside from the utility blade, this EDC also has a tail that doubles as a bottle opener, a pry tool, or nail puller. All these useful tools come in a very portable and compact design. 

Tacray’s Titanium Knife is very small at merely 2.8″ long with the blade retracted (2.4″ with blade closed) and is 0.5″ wide. It is also very light at just 0.35 oz. It is smaller than a car key and hangs securely from a carabiner, lanyard or keychain via an integrated keyhole. This tool also comes with an extra full set of screws and two pieces of blades.

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Images courtesy of Tacray