After being exposed to high-end timepieces from renowned brands, we felt its time to take a small break from the finer things in life. Thus, let’s check out what the lower tier of the Swiss watchmaking industry has to offer this 2022. Thankfully, Swatch does not disappoint as it introduces the latest CLEAR Collection.

As the majority of leading brands across the globe share cutting-edge initiatives to reduce plastic waste, Swatch attempts to promote one of its own. The brand is synonymous with affordable, yet reliable timekeeping and the CLEAR Collection continues this trend.

In a bid to minimize environmental impact, three models in the lineup boast eco-friendly construction. The company claims the watches use bio-sourced materials which it produces from castor oil. The details about this innovative manufacturing process are still a secret, but we’ll take their word for it.

The SKUs that ship with this material include the Clearly New Gent, Clearly Gent, and Clearly Skin. These arrive in 41 mm, 34 mm, and 34 mm round cases respectively. The beefiest entry in the CLEAR Collection is the Clearly Bold at 47 mm.

No mechanical calibers here as are all run on Quartz movements. The first three we mentioned all sport transparent shells. Much like the ridiculously expensive sapphire cases on some luxury-tier timekeepers, you get to view the inner components in action. All come with silicone straps

Meanwhile, the Clearly Bold is the only one that goes for a frosted finish. This gives it a translucent white appearance which is also cool to stare at. Which CLEAR Collection model do you like? If you can’t decide on one, Swatch makes it possible for you to splurge on all four anyway.

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CLEAR Colelction Wrist Shot 1 CLEAR Colelction Wrist Shot CLEAR Colelction Group

Images courtesy of Swatch