Swagtron’s Swagcycle EB-5 electric bike is the perfect transport for a quick ride around town or if you just want to avoid the hassle of commuting. It is lightweight and very portable, so much so, that you can fold it three times for easy carry and storage.

This adjustable and versatile transport packs functionality and comfort in one. It is comfortable to ride long-distance: on full throttle, it can cover 15.5 miles on a single charge and more with pedal assist. The bike runs on a 250-watt motor and features a 36V Li-ion battery that recharges in less than five hours.

The handlebars are adjustable for a secure grip and comfort during the ride. Use the latch to turn the bars up and down as well as 360-degree twist; the latter allows your wrist to rest. From the handlebars, you can see the battery indicator, two break controls, and the red power button.

What makes the Swagcycle EB-5 attractive is its portability. The handlebars, the frame, as well as the pedals are foldable. It packs to a compact size that fits under your desk, on subways, in the truck, or in any other small spaces.

Likewise, it has a carrying capacity of up to 264 pounds and its adjustable seat can accommodate riders over six feet in height. What’s more, this foldable bike already comes pre-assembled, so you can immediately hop on it for a test drive.

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Photos Courtesy of Swagtron