The Mobile World Congress is an annual expo mostly featuring the latest or upcoming devices and technologies typically related to telecommunications. Therefore, attendees at this year’s event were likely bewildered as to why there was an e-bike on display at Orbic’s booth. Thankfully, a quick research tells us the two-wheeler was exactly where it needed to be at the time.

Given the remarkable growth of cycling in the past few years, enthusiasts are always eager to learn about related advancements in technology. With a slogan that reads “Ride the Future” printed on the frame’s top tube, Orbic hints at advancements never before seen on e-bikes. Once again, artificial intelligence becomes a major selling point.

The mechanical and electronic aspects are still under wraps, but the company was keen to share some interesting tidbits. 5G connectivity takes center stage as this off-road-ready platform boasts the capability to live stream your off-road adventures and so much more. It can also turn into a true mobile hotspot that provides high-speed internet access anywhere.

“As a 5G e-Bike, Orbic’s innovative technology operates without utilizing fossil fuels or generating carbon emissions. Riders can enjoy guilt-free, eco-friendly transportation in line with Orbic’s commitment developing sustainable technology both in the development stage and for the end-user,” reads the official press release.

Another outstanding feature deals with personal safety as the proprietary advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) alerts riders of potential danger. Mounted on the Orbic e-bike’s handlebar is a 7″ HD screen which displays important telemetry. A 64-megapixel front-facing camera handles the video streaming, while the rear-facing 2-megapixel sensor monitors potential hazards.

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Images courtesy of Orbic