The New York City-based streetwear brand has teamed up with Valley for a new air hockey table that pays homage to the classics. The Supreme/Valley LED Air Hockey Table boasts a 1960s and ’70s vibe but with a modern touch. 

The table measures seven feet and features a translucent polycarbonate playing surface with full LED backlighting in purplish pink. It also comes with its own digital scoring system so you don’t have to manually count scores. It also ensures each point is counted and there is no cheating involved.

Other notable features include LED rails, corner downs and legs, three Bogos, and Supreme’s iconic box logo slapped on the center of the playing surface. Moreover, the Supreme/Valley LED Air Hockey Table comes with the Supreme logo along the sides. Exclusively made in the USA for Supreme, the table measures 86″ x 46″ x 32″ and weighs 154.22 kg. 

This air hockey table is one of the 50 items in the SS23 collection which includes branded garb and a host of other accessories including jewelry and display items. These include a Supreme/Jacob & Co Logo Link Bracelet, a Bluetooth-compatible karaoke machine, a foldable camping chair, and a charcoal grill designed in collaboration with Coleman, to name a few.

As for the Supreme/Valley LED Air Hockey Table, it comes in a minimalist yet attractive white and red colorway iconic of the streetwear label. It would certainly make a great addition to your man cave or game room. Of course, it’s understandably going to come at a hefty price too. 

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Images courtesy of Supreme