Are you looking for a new two-wheeler to ride? Does it need to be eco-friendly? Should it be compact for easy storage and parking? If the answers to these questions are all yes, then Super73’s new model – the C1X might be the machine for you. So far, it is an exciting step up from their usual fare.

Those who are eager to shift from electric bicycles and try their hand at electric motorcycles will find the C1X a capable one despite its physical footprint. It is noticeably smaller than your average e-bike, but its capabilities are remarkable for its size.

Don’t let the diminutive stature take away from the fact that it’s perfect for urban commuting. Super73 made it quirky enough to draw inquisitive stares from onlookers to show that motoring can also explore fun concepts. What makes it unique is the engineering and design of its frame and components.

Most electric motorcycles position the electric motor within the frame — specifically at the bottom bracket. This helps keep the center of balance low to improve stability. Other’s go for a direct-drive setup with a hub motor on the rear wheel. The C1X, on the other hand, mounts it just behind the pivot of the swingarm.

This configuration offers an advantage wherein chain slack never becomes an issue. Replacing the electric motor’s space on the chassis is the battery unit. The C1X will pack enough power for approximately 100 miles before it requires a recharge. Also, the top speed should be around 75 mph.

The wheelbase measures only 51” and it rides on 15-inch aero disc rims. Super73 claims this gives the e-bike superior agility over others in the same class. The front features a pair of LED headlights and indicators. Meanwhile, the subframe supports a comfy saddle with LED turn signals and an underslung brake light toward the tail.

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Images courtesy of Super73