Regularly featuring jaw-dropping luxury vessels are gradually revealing features specific to some shipyards. Although most prefer the traditional monohull structure, Sunreef consistently sticks with catamarans. We are big fans of this type of configuration, and we’ll discuss why later on. As always, it’s called the 140 as a way for them to tell us that this is a 140-foot model.

As we noted earlier, we like twin-hull yachts because it gives interior designers more space to work with. Moreover, this allows naval architects to keep the overall length shorter but compensate with a wider beam. We all know this likewise makes the ship more stable even in choppy sea conditions.

By the way, before we go further, the Sunreef 140 is a sailing yacht. That’s right, and the shipbuilder refers to it as a “super catamaran” which seems to be appropriate as well. Wind power is a sustainable and cool way to get around, but it’s not consistent. Therefore, owners have the option to supplement that with a diesel engine or an all-electric propulsion system.

The latter works best with a proprietary solar panel setup that keeps the batteries in top shape for cruising. The volumes below hold accommodations for up to 12 guests and the crew. Meanwhile, the main deck is where you’ll find a lounge, a dining area, and stairs that lead to the beach club below.

Fold-out platforms reveal additional storage for toys, equipment, and more. Sunreef says access to a gym with a view is available as well. Head over to flybridge to grab a drink from the bar, take a dip, or work on your tan. Finally, the owner of the 140 gets to enjoy a full-beam suite with private access to the bow terrace for even more amenities.

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Images courtesy of Sunreef