A few days ago, we suggested that whiskey aficionados sample the various offerings from Starward. With several award-winning expressions under its belt, the Australian distillery reminds us that it’s more than just wine Down Under. Those hoping for another suggestion might want to give Sullivans Cove a try. Specifically, their latest – a 21-year-old single malt.

As whiskey experts put it, an age statement may be an indicator of quality, but it totally depends on the drinker. However, if the reviews are collectively positive it should be more than enough to convince drinkers of what’s in store for them. So far, the Tasmanian group’s oldest release might be its best one yet if early feedback is to be believed.

The whiskey was originally poured into barrel HH0229 during Sullivans Cove’s sixth year in the business. To be specific, it was around March 2000 and has since been aging in an American oak cask that formerly held bourbon. As with any craft, patience is the key and 21 years later, it’s ready to delight the senses.

This is a commitment not many fledgling distilleries are willing to venture into, but with big risks come huge rewards. The distillery points out that the whiskey’s aroma is that of pineapple, raspberry, and apple. In addition to the fruity scent, the taste it delivers matches what hits your nose, but with a hint of vanilla.

It then leaves the mouth with a smooth finish. The latter is supposedly a label signature. “It’s a typical Sullivans Cove spirit: utterly delicious, beautiful full-bodied in texture, which forms part of the structure,” explains Distillery Manager Heather Tillott . “As an American Oak, ex-bourbon cask, you’ll notice a lot of vanilla-driven flavours and aromas with lots of fruit.”

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Images courtesy of Sullivans Cove