Offering about 3,500 square feet of luxurious living, the beautiful Ellis Residence was designed in 2014 by McClean Design. It is located in Laguna Beach, California, and it boasts some truly impressive ocean views.

After the clients’ children moved away from their previous residence, the parents decided to downgrade to a smaller, yet no less comfortable home by the beach. With the house being situated on a hill, the architects were faced with the challenge of finding the perfect location for the entry and the garage. The local review board also imposed a few limitations, so the final solution was to place the entry at the upper street level, and the garage below.

Ellis Residence Living Room Ellis Residence Kitchen Ellis Residence Interior Design Ellis Residence Back View

This compromise also allowed for the introduction of a lovely garden in front of the kitchen. A staircase and an elevator ensures easy access to the garage, which will be a very convenient detail as the owners will get older. The areas which are most used have all been placed on the same upper level – the master bedroom and primary living areas – while the storage spaces, guest rooms and office can be found on the lower level.