Since EVs are gradually becoming even more ubiquitous, manufacturers are constantly improving their existing platforms. Aside from aesthetics and performance, what owners are after involves mileage. This encourages the latest emission-free rides to pack even bigger batteries. Hyundai and Studio Puisto come up with what they call the Today’s Office – a cabin concept designed for the IONIQ 5.

What makes this so fascinating is how both groups approach the concept of sustainability. As the ongoing health crisis paints the idea of isolation as a good thing, folks eager to get away from it all might want to head out of the urban jungle. The Today’s Office allows them to do just that yet still retain some creature comforts.

We have been seeing many projects like it and some are even DIY in nature. Still, a big part of the appeal here is the location. Since these structures can be built on very remote areas without access to utilities such as electricity, eco-friendly solutions are required. Hyundai turns its compact eSUV into a mobile battery pack.

As for the Today’s Cabin, Studio Puisto calls it a “Plug n’ Stay” type of thing. We think the description fits it perfectly. The floor plan lists 9 square meters of space which is enough for basic furniture. Modular elements of the interior offer even more versatility. Now you can enjoy a serene atmosphere surrounded by nature while you relax or get some work done.

With the IONIQ 5 serving as the power source, occupants of the Today’s Cabin don’t have to rough it out. It can power a TV, refrigerator, heat pump, espresso machine, and more. Studio Puisto will build it out of organic CNC-machined wood with a floor-to-ceiling glass window for natural light.

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Images courtesy of Studio Puisto/Hyundai