Admit it! We never really grow out of the stuff we loved back in the day. These can range from food, toys, and experiences that made a huge impression. Treehouses continue to fascinate us to this day, which is why some resorts offer these kinds of accommodations. Meanwhile, Studio MEMM was tasked to pen a modern take on the structure.

Located in southeastern Brazil, particularly in the Monte Verde region of the Minas Gerais state. True to the name of the site, it is nestled within a verdant forest. It’s great that the treehouse makes use of the existing landscape to its advantage.

This means its construction has minimal impact on the environment. In a sense, the Monte Verde home highlights the beauty of nature. However, it also stands out as a remarkable residence among the trees. It becomes even more ethereal at night when the lights are aglow.

At first glance, we can’t help but compare it to a fantasy setting.The Studio MEMM team takes into account the topography and the abundant foliage surrounding the recreational space. According to the original plans, it was supposedly a play area for the kids of the clients.

During the planning phases, the direction shifted into a social space that provided outstanding views. Wooden bridges connect the two volumes to the main house. Both geometric structures feature wooden screens and glass panes to provide shade and allow sunlight to filter through as well.

“Before starting the project’s conception, it was necessary to choose the tree and understand its context. The garden, densely populated by numerous tree species, brings privacy and ambience to each program around the wetland area,” writes Studio MEMM.

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Images courtesy of Studio MEM