For the cyclist who isn’t ready to switch to a fully electric model, a pedelec seems like a great go-between. Instead of just letting the motor do all the work, you can still enjoy a workout but benefit from assistance when it’s needed. Check out the ST7 from Stromer as it delivers class-leading features and performance.

The manufacturer is currently promoting the Launch Edition, which comes in an exclusive Solid Gold colorway. Those who prefer to wait, however, will get their ST7 in Dark Platinum, which is what we prefer. You can order the two-wheeler in three frame sizes: medium, large, and extra-large.

Next, buyers can pick between a regular fork and saddle, or go for the ones with integrated suspension kits. You might as well opt for comfort and spend a little extra for your ride. Stromer also engineers their new flagship model with intuitive systems like the Pinion Smart.Shift technology.

Know when and what to switch to via the built-in display on the ST7 frame. Moreover, your pedelec does not even need to be in motion to do so. It also uses a Gates carbon belt drive to make it virtually maintenance-free.

The 1,440 Wh battery powers Stromer’s Syno Sport II motor. It boasts 940W of power with 38 lb-ft of torque to help you hit a top speed of 27 mph. The removable battery slots into the downtube and you can detach it with a push of a button.

The range, meanwhile, is around 160 miles on a full charge. GPS tracking tells you exactly where your ST7 is at all times.  Lock or activate your bike via Bluetooth, which requires the OMNI Connect app. Optional ABS ensures improve safety when you need to stop.

Configure yours ST7: Here

Images courtesy of Stromer