What started out as a form of adventure on board a highly capable vehicle to locations normally inaccessible by regular passenger cars has skyrocketed in popularity among outdoor enthusiasts. Camping no longer needs to be a chore as modern platforms like the GXV HILT are outfitted with all the essentials and more. Here’s what this bad boy brings to the trails.

Before you even think of heading out to the most remote of locations, it’s sensible to fully understand the nuances of your RV. Nobody wants to ever experience a situation wherein their safety is compromised. Hence, a heavy-duty and powerful machine is a good place to start. Storyteller Overland calls on a RAM 5500 as a solid foundation for this build.

The 4×4 pickup truck is packing a potent 6.7-liter turbocharged Cummins l6 engine rated for 360 horsepower and 800 lb-ft of torque. Paired with the company’s proprietary Zero Torsion subframe, we have optimal traction over almost any surface. Meanwhile, the LiquidSpring Smart Suspension monitors all the driving dynamics in real time and compensates automatically for a smooth ride every time.

This practically allows GXV HILT owners to reach even the most challenging spots out in the wild. Moreover, this camper has no shortage of top-notch creature comforts so you can focus on fun and relaxation. Don’t let the seasons spoil your expeditions as the structure is fully insulated with up to two inches of closed-cell foam.

Within its rugged exterior is a spacious cabin equipped with a kitchen, a loft bed, a convertible dining area that can double as an auxiliary bed, a bathroom. The GXV HILT can hold up to 120 gallons of fresh water and store up to 40 liters of greywater. Its 15,000 BTU AC and 10,000 BTU heating systems provide superior climate control. Finally, we have a 16.8 kWh M-Power System, two 3,000W inverters, and 1,325W Merlin solar panels to keep your electronics running.

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Images courtesy of Storyteller Overland