Stone Island has unveiled a jacket that changes color when exposed to cold or heat called the Poly Strata Ice Jacket. It’s thermal-reactive and slowly changes from hot pink to cold white before your eyes. 

The brand infused reactive pigments micro-encapsulated into the double-layered polyurethane construction of the jacket. These reactive pigments enable the outer shell to react to temperature changes and thus change the jacket’s chromatic appearance. When it is exposed from hot then to cold, it brings out a color mixture between pink and stucco white shades. 

Aside from the bonded polyurethane, Stone Island also assembled the Poly Strata Ice Jacket using ultrasonic stitching reinforced with internal taping. A hooded down jacket patched up using ultra-light nylon weighing only .1 ounce per square foot can be found inside the jacket and it can be worn on its own.

Meanwhile, a couple of snap fastenings hold the shaped valet-stand collar on the outer shell, the two side-entry pockets with tape edging, and the hidden two-way zipper and snap central closure.

There are also tightening snaps and elasticized bands at the cuffs and the tape drawstring inside the rim can be adjusted through snaps. Suffice it to say, that the shell and down jacket are held together by an array of snaps for easy wear on and off. 

Stone Island also used the same thermo-reactive double-layered polyurethane material found on the Poly Strata Ice Jacket to a sleeveless or vest version. The vest features a standing collar held in place on a front-chest flap by three snaps and a large Velcro pad. The sleeveless version is available in Rust Orange and Brown colorway. The designs are part of the brand’s Autumn Winter ‘023’024 collection.  

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Images courtesy of Stone Island