Local studio Daniel Joseph Chenin designed Fort 137 Residence to be modern and inviting while still seamlessly blending with its rugged desert setting in Las Vegas, Nevada. His team placed the sprawling stone residence around an 1850s fort-inspired rotunda, on a rock outcrop overlooking Red Rock Canyon.

The 7,800-square-foot property gets its name from the history of its location. The team said it “pays homage to the old fort structures from the early settlement days of Las Vegas, which relied upon site-sourced materials along with tried-and-true techniques for designing and building in an arid climate.”

Fort 137 Residence was designed according to its occupants’ love of immersive environmental experiences.  As such, the outdoor area truly makes the most of the setting which includes a rotunda, an outdoor pool, a shaded courtyard that features a 75-ton excavated, and a view frame that overlooks the expansive landscape.

The five-bedroom house consists of two heavy, sand-colored stone walls that divide the plan into three volumes, each designed with a focus on comfort, ambiance, and efficiency. It consists of a primary suite, a second suite, and three extra bedrooms. It also has an open-plan communal living and dining area that connects to more private spaces including the bedrooms and servicing areas.

These connected rock masses are oriented for views of the natural landscape while providing thermally protected communal spaces on the interior. Meanwhile, sliding glass panel walls at 38 feet long and 13 feet high embedded within steel frame and stone walls, provide panoramic views from both the south and north facades of Fort 137 Residence.

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Images courtesy of Daniel Joseph Chenin