A cool thing about designers is that they can find inspiration in almost anything. All it takes to spark an idea are the senses such as taste, smell, touch, hear, and see. The latter is probably what contributes a lot to their work just like this concept superyacht called the Stella Del Sud.

What sparked the creation of this 360-foot superyacht is the extraordinary 128-carat Cartier diamond. In its rough form, the gemstone is not much to look at. However, the results are breathtaking after cutting and polishing. As such, Gabriele Teruzzi Yachts & Design attempts to embody the approach for this project.

Since people admire diamonds for their color, clarity, cut, and carat, the exterior of the Stella Del Sud goes for sleek lines and sharp angles. Next, is the optical properties of the precious stone, which produce a mesmerizing sparkle as the light hits it from different angles.

To emulate this in the Stella Del Sud, glass becomes the material of choice. With glazing on almost every corner of the ship, natural light floods the interiors by day. The sheer opulence of this build is showcased in various luxurious appointments.

There’s a double-height main saloon, the main deck with eight VIP staterooms, a gym, a massage room, a sauna, and other upscale social spaces. Meanwhile, the bridge deck of the Stella Del Sud also features the owner’s suite. It comes with a walk-in wardrobe, a private office, two bathrooms with Jacuzzis, and an aquarium built into the ceiling.

Catch a movie within the bilge or head outside to enjoy the other amenities it offers. There are even cascading swimming fools that create a jaw-dropping waterfall effect. The Stella Del Sud certainly rivals the brilliance of any diamond. Do you agree?

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Images courtesy of Gabriele Teruzzi Yachts & Design