One of the biggest problems with commuting on a regular road or racing bicycle is the lack of anywhere to carry bags. Dutch media designer Aart Jan Bergshoeff got tired of the awkward and often dangerous hanging saddlebags usually employed, and came up with the Steer Carrier ($70).

The Steer Carrier is a lightweight aluminum shelf and handlebar combination that replaces the original handlebars of the bike. Being aluminum, the Steer Carrier will not rust or corrode. It provides the option of mounting it either high or low to accommodate your riding preference. This innovative cargo shelf fits A-Head 25.4mm (1″) posts but also comes with two shims that increase the size of the shaft to fit 31.8mm (1 1/2″) A-Head bicycles.

The Steer Carrier comes in black, white, or silver and is equipped with mushroom grips and an elastic strap to hold your cargo firmly in place. The company offers free shipping anywhere within the European Union. Now it is possible to use your fast bike to get your groceries (read: beer) to their destination quickly and safely.