If you count yourself as one of the few whose new Bronco is shipping out soon, Stallion 4×4 might have something for your aftermarket projects. Over the years, surveys conducted by carmakers show that people love to tinker with their rides. With Ford’s new SUV generating a lot of buzz, owners are eager for more customization options.

These days, a selection of colors is no longer enough for buyers who want their machines to stand out. Given the highly anticipated return of the new Bronco after a lengthy 25-year hiatus from the automotive scene, the Blue Oval is prepared to impress the platform’s fans.

It’s doing so by offering the off-roader in a variety of trim levels and configurations. Stallion 4×4 knows official upgrades can be quite limiting when enthusiasts are going for bespoke. As such, they will soon market a wide array of unique accessories both in-house and third-party.

As an expansion of Jeep Wrangler specialist Quadratec, interested parties are assured of top-shelf craftsmanship and quality here. Stallion 4×4 is yet to share more details about the catalog, but gives us a glimpse of what’s possible instead.

For now, we have an image of a kitted-out Bronco that looks jaw-dropping. By default, the SUV already looks good, but Stallion 4×4 knows you can enhance the silhouette even further. Owners can switch out a few parts and throw on even more upgrades.

From what we could gather from the image, it sports additional LED lighting on the roof and front bumper. Stallion 4×4 also takes out the regular doors and installs a custom set with cutouts. The wheels are now shod in beefy MAXXIS all-terrain rubber. Stallion 4×4 will have more to share soon.

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Images courtesy of Stallion 4×4