Dutch industrial design company Städler Made has developed a portable fire-burning oven, specially designed to add pizza to your backyard cooking repertoire. The Städler Made Outdoor Oven ($350) provides the flexibility to either slow-cook with a small fire or build it up for a quick pizza bake in as little as five minutes.

The cooking device is made of 3mm thick corten steel sheets delivered flat for a very easy tool-free setup. The corten steel is intended to remain in the elements so that the patina of rust that will slowly form is actually a protective (and rugged-looking) layer.

Inside the upper oven section are two high-quality cordierite baking stones that absorb the fire’s heat and evenly redistribute it to the cooking food. These stones are the secret to the oven’s superb cooking power. The oven stands 33.5″ tall by 14.6″ wide & 15.8″ deep, with a total weight of 95-lbs. It can reach a maximum temperature of about 750 °F and as an added bonus, it comes with an aluminum pizza peel so you can get straight to practicing that perfect crust.