The guys who wrote the song “Winter Wonderland” may have sold us the idea that the season equates to joy and fun. If you really think about it, the notion is applicable in specific situations and occasions only. Normally, the bitter cold and the cleanup the comes with snow can make people miserable. That is unless you have the CyberKat.

Once more, Elon Musk’s electric pickup spawns another attempt to cash in on the “Cyber” moniker. Perhaps CD PROJEKT RED’s bug-ridden futuristic action role-playing title has something to do with it. Nonetheless, the CyberKat definitely borrows some visual cues from the Cybertruck.

Anyway, Spyker Workshop teases the capabilities of its high-tech machine. At a glance, the CyberKat appears to be a remote-controlled scale model. The treads make it look like a toy tank minus the turret and gun. Meanwhile, its designer, Ryan Butler, endows it with a plasma-cut 5051 aluminum sheet metal frame.

Its lightweight construction allows the 775 electric motor and four 12-volt batteries to run efficiently. Dimensions-wise the CyberKat is 19” wide and 29” long. Engineers also give it a 4.25″ ground clearance to tackle rough terrain. So far, footage of it in action shows impressive mobility.

Although you can technically use it for play, it’s the upcoming CyBlower attachment that unlocks its potential. The add-on is still under development but should turn the CyberKat into a versatile tool. It attaches to the in-built hitch and allows owners to clear snow — away from the cold.

Finally, the fact that it requires some assembly adds to its appeal. Just like a model kit, we know some folks who would love to build it from scratch. We can only hope manufactures come up with more original names instead of CyberKat.

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Images courtesy of Spyker Workshop