If you’re talking about a barebones custom build, it cannot get any more naked than this moto from SPKS Lab. This Perth, Australia-based establishment takes an old-school 1976 Suzuki TS185 and turns it into a bespoke motocross machine. The street tracker now sports vintage livery with a mix of parts cobbled together from his shop and others.

According to the builder – Cheyne Speak – this was a relaxing project with no clear plan from the start. Instead, he played it by ear and added or removed elements along the way. Since time was never a factor, his custom Suzuki TS185 was finally completed after 18 months. Still, he was able to keep things affordable.

In total, everything costs a wallet-friendly $2,500, which is remarkable savings with cool results. Sourcing the yokes, hub, brake, and forks from a KTM 450 SX-F, he’s practically showcasing the Suzuki TS185 as a chimera of sorts. The swingarm is his own fabrication and is about 2 inches longer than the stock.

“Even with the extended swingarm, the wheelbase is close to stock due to the steepened head tube angle,” Speak explains in an interview. “As a result, the steering is more responsive and the weight of the bike is now more centralized, and with the low ride height it feels like riding a BMX with an engine.”

Once more, he is taking components such as the pivot tube and bearings from a Yamaha YZF-R15 with YZ250 axle blocks. What follows is a pair of rear shocks courtesy of a Kawasaki Zephyr 750. What was a classic now rides on 19” Excel wheels shod in Dunlop K180 flat-track tires. So, there you have it. Even a simple aftermarket job like this Suzuki TS185 can produce something with unique DNA.

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Suzuki TS185 top view Suzuki TS185 front view Suzuki TS185 rear wheel Suzuki TS185 angled shot

Images courtesy of SPKS Lab/Cheyne Speak