The Spinnaker House by Sparks Architects gives justice to the adage “don’t judge a book by its cover.” This house has an abstract exterior but offers optimum comfort and modern living inside.

The design takes inspiration from the house’s topographical orientation. Sparks Architects constructed the Spinnaker House with its landscape in mind. Its sharp angles and sliding glass walls are in harmony with the natural environment. It also has modular screens ideal for windy situations.

Likewise, the structure in itself slopes and meets with the ground below to create a continuous form. The result is a design reminiscent of a full sail or a Spinnaker. The structure speaks of strength and defiance against a windswept environment.

Moreover, Sparks Architects designed the Spinnaker House to invigorate guests or homeowners. It is a product of the architects’ belief that buildings should be in harmony with its landscape. They achieved this with the concept of using form, materiality, and integrated energy systems in the construction. In turn, the spaces guide us, invigorate us, rest us, seduce us, or inspire us.

The house in itself boasts a corrugated metal exterior and wood and concrete finish inside. The light-colored walls give off a warm, inviting, and clean open look. The use of glass for the walls provides an amazing view of the landscape from its location perched on a hill overlooking Hervey Bay, Queensland.

Suffice to say that Sparks Architects built the Spinnaker House for comfort and style. It has modern and contemporary offerings with wood as the main construction material for furnishings.

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Images courtesy of Sparks Architects