The new Speeta Modular Wood Burning Stove ($TBA) is without a doubt the greatest innovation in wood heating since Benjamin Franklin invented the wood burning stove in 1791. This airtight, steel hearth, triple-walled pipe “heating Furniture” not only requires less maintenance than traditional wood stoves, it is much more energy efficient and greatly reduces particulate emissions, measuring only 30mg/Nm3 as opposed to 80mg from traditional stoves and a whopping 1,500mg to 5,000mg from a fireplace.

Phillippe Starck designed the SpeetBox to be customizable for individual homes and tastes. The square cube-shaped units are fitted for various purposes and in multiple configurations. They can serve as wood storage or hold other items warmly. One version of the modular units is filled with heat-absorbing rocks that slow release their stored heat back into the room for up to 24 hours after the fire is out. These storage units can be topped with comfortable seat cushions for snugging in on a chilly night.

While the SpeetBox can be run without electricity, for those who like modern touches, this stove comes with an app that allows fine-tuning control of temperature, air distribution, power & combustion. It can even monitor flue emissions. With the square shape so reminiscent of old-style televisions, you can also entertain yourself by watching the fire inside like a toasty computer screensaver.