Chances are you’ve never heard of Soundbrenner before, so you might be surprised to learn that it’s actually sold over 50,000 wearable metronomes thus far (and counting) and is endorsed by a number of notable musicians. Not too shabby for a startup.

The company hopes to take things a bit further this time with its new product, the Soundbrenner Core. Inspired by its Pulse, this new smartwatch adds three more functionalities to make life easier for musicians. You’re getting three things, essentially: a watch, a tuner, and a sound level meter. These are things any musician worth their salt would call crucial, especially if they’re at a gig.

It’s still essentially a powerful and useful metronome you can strap on your wrist. You can sync the Soundbrenner Core with up to five devices to make sure your bandmates are on the same page. It even comes with synchronized light pulses to indicate this.

But let’s talk about the most notable addition here — watch functionality. Make no mistake, this boasts no Apple Watch or Fitbit-level sophistication. You’re only getting two OLED strips for showing the time, date, weekday plus simple push notifications. It doesn’t have any of the fancy and functional apps you’d otherwise find on a typical smartwatch. However, as a timepiece on the side, it’ll get the job done.

There are two SoundbrennerCore options you can choose from: Steel, which comes with a stainless steel body and ring, plus a detachable Italian leather strap for $329; and the standard Core, which sports a polycarbonate glass fiber composite body, an aluminum ring, and a detachable silicone strap. Both of them share the same specs under the hood, down to the three-day battery life and the IP66 splash-proof rating.


Photos courtesy of Soundbrenner