These days, it’s difficult to justify the need to purchase a dedicated portable music player. It may be true unless it’s the Sony NW-A40 Series Walkman. Our smartphones have become our one-stop-shop for all our multimedia needs. However, the quality of audio produced by our smart devices reportedly pales in comparison to audiophile-grade devices.

Apple’s legacy with the iPod might have been relevant for casual music lovers, but it’s hardly relevant in the exclusive audiophile market. Sony, on the other hand, is a major figure with its Walkman series of hi-res audio-capable range of players.

The Sony NW-A40 Series Walkman flaunts a robust metallic enclosure that comes in various shades to match its user’s fancy. We’ve got Horizon Green, Twilight Red, Grayish Black, Pale Gold, and Moonlight Blue that can rival what other brands can offer—the company also offers matching accessories that should please some of us who want a cohesive color scheme with our gadgets.

The device sports a 3.1-inch 800 x 480-resolution TFT touchscreen as well as physical button controls on the side. Various audio enhancement technologies are on board such as DSEE HX, LDAC, and digital noise canceling to please your ears. You also get a 45-hour usage time on a single charge to keep your tunes playing all day long. As an added bonus, the Sony NW-A40 Series Walkman also doubles as a DAC when its hooked up to your PC or other compatible sources.

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Photos courtesy of Sony