Since its launch in late 2020, the PlayStation 5 remains an elusive console to get your hands on to this day. In fact, gaming industry pundits have already crowned it the clear winner of the current-generation game systems. To our surprise, Honda is reportedly partnering with Sony for more than just an EV, but one with PS5 integration.

It’s too early to call it, yet this latest development suggests that the Sony Honda Mobility announcement last month may be more than just a concept partnership. The two Japanese companies are apparently hard at work on an emission-free machine with Level 3 autonomous capabilities.

For now, the group’s president Izumi Kawanishi wants to rework the technology behind the PlayStation 5 for automotive use. Official communication in the future will probably break down the finder details about this setup. However, they are talking about it from a pure entertainment standpoint.

With extensive know-how in robotics, both companies can hypothetically fine-tune the AI for the EV’s self-driving functions. Nevertheless, it seems the PlayStation 5 on future Sony Honda Mobility platforms is technically for content services that have yet to be explained in detail.

This means, we won’t likely see full PlayStation 5 functionality, but it is still possible. There is still a long way to go before Sony Honda Mobility opens preorders for its first model. According to sources, the tentative schedule would be sometime in 2025.

Deliveries, on the other hand, will follow in 2026. As gamers, we all want to see feature-packed gaming on an EV. Perhaps, the PlayStation 5 will also handle some of the upcoming electric car’s machine learning or other resource-hungry processing requirements.

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Images courtesy of Sony Honda Mobility