Ahead of the PlayStation 5 Launch, its specifications were compared against that of the Xbox Series X. On paper, Microsoft’s console is more powerful, but Sony’s game system continues to lead in sales. Now, it seems the Japanese company wants to dominate the first-party accessory segment as well. After years of settling for third-party options, we’re getting the DualSense Edge.

Although the regular DualSense is the most immersive input device in the market. The combination of haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, integrated microphone, and motion controls puts it way above the Xbox’s standard gamepad. However, the Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 offers something Sony’s controller does not – customizability.

PlayStation loyalists have been calling for something like it for years. Persistence pays off as Sony finally budges and unveils its contender at Gamescom 2022. The DualSense Edge retains all the cool features of the original but adds more buttons and personalization options. The two-tone color scheme is still intact, but there are distinct cosmetic tweaks to help you tell it apart.

Players can now remap and fine-tune the buttons to suit their personal preferences. These may differ depending on the game, which is why the DualSense Edge supports multiple control profiles. Sony says users can switch to the appropriate settings on the fly for convenience. Furthermore, a dedicated function button makes the process intuitive and seamless.

The DualSense Edge also comes with interchangeable caps. Depending on what feels comfortable, you can switch between the standard, high dome, and low dome. Additional buttons on the back and bottom make it easier to keep your thumbs on the analog sticks while you toggle other actions with your free fingers. Sony ships it with a carrying case and a braided USB-C cable.

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Images courtesy of Sony