As the world’s leading shipyards and naval architects attempt to outdo one another, we get to see some of the most outrageous proposals in the maritime industry. The gargantuan sizes of commercial types such as cargo, passenger, and cruise ships are nothing new. However, two esteemed yacht design firms are teaming up for something grand. Behold the magnificent Somnio!

Envisioned by creatives from Winch Design and Tillberg Design, this platform will redefine luxury living. We’re calling it as such because the Somnio is more than just another ludicrous display of wealth. For sure, there are folks who can commission the best in the business to build one, but this is marketing a unique and extravagant lifestyle.

Why stop at luxury residences on solid ground when you can also have one at sea? According to the team, this project will see a 728-foot vessel set sail from any port to any point in the world. Meanwhile, the elite can choose from 39 upscale dwellings aboard with varying levels of opulence to suit their needs.

Nevertheless, even if some of our affluent friends are eager to reserve a spot, it’s not a guarantee that they’ll get in. You see, the people behind the project plan to hold a selection process to determine which of the interested parties are likely to live in harmony aboard the Somnio.

Those lucky enough to do so will have access to amenities that would easily rival their counterparts on land. The aptly dubbed “yacht liner” is on a class of its own. Residents and their guests can enjoy a variety of restaurants, a beach club/marina, a wine cellar that holds up to 10,000 bottles, and so much more. Work on the Somnio will begin early in 2022.

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Images courtesy of Somnio Superyachts