SOLOSHOT2 Robot Cameraman

With the Soloshot2 Robot Cameraman($400,00) you don’t need a camera operator to capture all your outdoor exploits. Designed to be used outside only, the Soloshot 2 automatically pans, tilts (360° horizontal and 60° vertical tracking), and zooms to keep your camera pointed at you, from any distance between 15ft – 2,000ft! Just attach your camera to the tripod of choice, wear the tracking Tag and you’re good to go.

Featuring a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours, this robot cameraman is ideal for sports practiced on water, field, snow, any boards, equestrian, photography, and film production. The Soloshot 2 supports cameras up to 5 lbs (including camcorders, DSLRs, smartphones, GoPro and action cameras) and it fits most tripods. The lightweight Tag comes with an armband, it’s waterproof (up to 20 ft) & shock resistant, and it boasts a 4-hour internal rechargeable battery. Users can also link various Soloshot2s together to get a multitude of angles and track multiple Tags simultaneously. Now get on practicing those extreme jumps and fire the camera guy! via

SOLOSHOT2 Robot Cameraman 2

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