If Finland is you next destination and you don’t have any plans for lodging yet, look no further than the Snowman Glass World Resort.

Sitting in the quaint and cozy city of Rovaniemi, this hotel shelters adventurers with its plethora of luxury glass igloos. Finland has sort of been leading the charge lately when it comes to winter travel accommodations. Just like the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort that went viral a couple of years past, Snowman Glass World is perfect for folks waiting to witness the Northern Lights.

The winter resort, open just this month in Santa Claus Village, is the most luxurious take on the genre yet. Here, there are standalone Scandinavian-style apartments affixed with modern architecture and furnishings. For each cabin, there’s a living area, a modest-sized kitchen, and an upstairs bedroom. Topping it all off are floor-to-ceiling windows for your full view of the snowy landscape and the Northern Lights.

It’s a bit odd that there are private terraces in the hotels given that you’ll be staying here in winter. But here you’ll find a private hot tub and an en suite sauna. Both should keep you pretty warm and snug during the cold season.

Staying at the glass apartments will run you around €496 per night. That’s a pretty penny to spend on accomodation, of course. It does, however, include Wi-Fi. Plus, you’ll get all-day entrance tickets to Snowman Ice World. And there’s free breakfast in the resort’s Restaurant Ensilumi. If you’re headed to Rovaniemi for vacation, then you really shouldn’t miss this experience.


Photos courtesy of Snowman Glass World