The Smark Translator by Misway Tech is your personal and portable language interpreter. It lets you travel the world without getting lost in translation and allows you to converse freely with a foreign acquaintance without the need for a human interpreter.

This modular device supports 37 languages so you get the power of clear communication every time. It interprets the language you speak and that of the other person in real time, thus it minimizes the awkward or dull silence. It only has 1-3 seconds of translation lag.

The Smark Translator breaks the communication barrier with its global connectivity and offline translation features. It can support trans-lingual conversations and is not limited to two persons only. Its system allows for group chats from different or all 37 languages and allows linking of up to 100 Smark devices.

Among the countries it supports are China, Russia, South Korea, Denmark, and the Philippines. It also provides translations for Peru, Portugal, Ecuador, Egypt, France, and the Dominican Republic, to name a few.

Moreover, Misway Tech utilizes the four best Neural Machine Translation engines for the best possible translation every time. Nuance Communications help with the auto speech recognition and text to speech process. Meanwhile, DSP algorithms help filter background noise for precise voice pickup.

Aside from being an interpreter, the lightweight Smark Translator also has a SIM card slot for your data needs. This lets you use the device as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

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Photo Courtesy of Misway Tech