Skullcandy founder Rick Alden started out just making rugged, super-efficient headphones. However, as the company has grown to a global brand they have stepped things up a notch, by releasing a solid wireless line of speakers they call The Barricade ($40+).

Using Bluetooth Wireless technology, the Skullcandy Barricade comes in three sizes. The Mini is a mere 3.8″ x 3.6″ inches & provides a six hour battery life. The mid-range Barricade is 4.6″ x 3.75″ with an eight hour battery life, while the XL is 6.8″ x 4.0″ & will hang tough for 10 hours.

These speakers have a very simple design which hides some very high tech. You can hook multiple speakers either by wire or wireless for charging. The integrated controls allow for switching between music and phone and lets you adjust volume and the microphone remotely. Each of the Barricades has a thirty-three foot wireless range. They are impact resistant, waterproof and floatable and each Barricade comes with a convenient loop for hanging from whatever nearby place you want. Now you can toss the ear buds and share the sound regardless of how far from civilization you may roam. Details in the video.